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January 19 2018

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CulturePass and the Arts: How One Social Program Exposes the Arts to All Social Classes

A program in Phoenix, Arizona is inspiring thousands. The program is a good and heart engagement of the arts. It is called CulturePass and it works on one definitive conclusion. It is the idea that people want to experience the arts, but they don’t have the money to do so. They have priorities, and seeing a museum at a lofty price tag may not make the cut.

Passes for the Family

The CulturePass program allows a family to enjoy two arts-based activities every month. Some of the passes include entrance to the Phoenix Art Museum, the Scottsdale Contemporary Museum, the Heard Museum, and the Irish Cultural Center.

The pass is completely free and widely available to anyone who wants one. The most common way is to visit a local library branch. Users sign the pass out similar to a regular sign out item. They have a week to visit the attraction.

Some of the entrances to these museums are $25 or more. This is a hefty expense for a family. Sacramento Arts happily engages in the connection and accessibility of the arts in Sacramento. Sometimes, individuals are only burdened by finances. Lowering the barriers to many artistic attractions will draw more people to the arts as a whole.

The Hierarchy of Arts

Traditionally, the arts are for everyone. The poor and the rick alike can enjoy art with equal accessibility. This may not be the case anymore. In normal circumstances, art museums are attended by people who can afford the high entry prices. Museum curators don’t always try to make it accessible.

Some do and some do not. The CulturePass is a brilliant example of leveling the playing field. Entry fees are fine because they are designed to support the artists and curators. But, programs like CulturePass embrace the fact that by making the museum free in a select format, more people can indulge in the art who wouldn’t originally.

Art gives purpose to many people who are struggling emotionally. The arts takes momentum to get going, and more than one social class should be exposed to it on a regular basis. The belief of Sacramento Likes hangs on art as a whole, and not just curated museums. The life of humanity rests on what can be created and seen.

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